Messi Vs Ronaldo Not a Comparision

messi and ronaldo

Messi vs Ronaldo has always been a huge debate over the years on who’s better than whom. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, superstars of modern football with their own style and attributes are one of the greatest players to have graced this game of football. This is the debate that divides football fans around the world.

Fans of Ronaldo will claim that his ridiculous goal scoring records and his struggle to become superstar from the days of cleaning the streets of Lisbon is the proof that he is not just a great footballer but also a fighter and leader. While fans of Messi will claim that his magical abilities to make football so much enjoyable to watch, his unimaginable vision and passing, amazing goals and assists and also a fighter within himself, makes him the best footballer in planet right now.

Ronaldo has proved himself and world his abilities during the times at Manchester United and Sporting Lisbon. The comparison with Messi started when he joined Real Madrid, the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid also ignited the fight among themselves and fans. While Ronaldo was already an established player at United, Messi was just coming through Barcelona junior team. Messi came to rise when world saw his performance against Juventus in 2005. Since then he didn’t look back and neither Ronaldo did. Messi was still used a sub on many occasions while Ronaldo was already main player in team and started every game. Messi became the superstar while pep Guardiola became Barcelona manager. Since then Messi vs Ronaldo has not stopped.

Messi is like “poetry in motion”, simply magical and mesmerizing on the ball.
Ronaldo is like “Mr. perfectionist”, perfection on everything he does on the pitch.

This is how their rivalry has often worked, when one performs miracles the other steps up, performs their own and reignites the debate once again.

My words for both of them

“The moment they touch the ball; you know there’s potential for something to happen. These players can change the momentum of game or whole complexion of game with one magical run or one magical pass or one magical free kick and shut down opponents with their sheer skill and ability. These players come so rarely that we must rejoice when they do come, because we know that we’ll never see the quality like this for rest of our lives. Now you may have your opinions as well as we all do but whether it’s Ronaldo or Messi you prefer, realize that you’re living in an era where two greatest players of this sport in the world are going head to head as foes, all we need to do is just enjoy the show.”

I actually don’t believe in stats so much in football, but you footballing fans who love it here are stats of both Messi and Ronaldo over the years. (Stats until 21 june 2018 from internet sources)


International trophies

UEFA European Championship : 1
FIFA U-20 world cup:1
Olympic gold medal:1

Ballon D’or
Ronaldo :5

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