Free SEO Tools:10 Amazing Free SEO Tools That You Can’t Miss Out

10 free SEO tools that works as good as paid tools.

There are hundreds of free SEO tools out there in the market, but finding and choosing the right one (and most useful) is not always easy.
You may be launching a new SEO campaign or working on a live project you will definitely need amazing SEO tools to achieve success.

The free SEO tools may not always be 100% accurate and useful as paid tools however they still provide a great value to your SEO campaign, especially for small businesses.

Whether you want top ranks on Google, get high-quality content, perform keyword research, check site speed and user experience, improve your content, or perform competitor analysis and so on, the free tools I have listed below can be useful for you guys.

I have compiled some of the free SEO tools that I have used so far.


One of my favorite. It was created by SEO maestro Neil Patel. It covers almost anything related to content and keywords. It’s a great tool to analyze your competitors, what keywords are they using, what are their top content, where are they getting backlinks from and so on. This is a free version of Ahrefs to me.


Do you want to know what people are searching in your niche?

This is an absolutely amazing tool to get hundreds of ideas related to your next content. You can get hundreds of questions people search for.

This awesome tool discovers questions people ask on forums, blogs and social media and it turns these questions into amazing keywords.

For example, look at the number of questions it generates for a keyword ‘travel’


You can get endless keyword ideas and comparisons among those keywords here. It’s free, go and check out πŸ™‚


Another amazing free SEO platform out there. I use this a lot, I mean a lot.

It provides huge number of free SEO tools such as:

  • Text content tools
  • Image editing tools
  • Keyword tools
  • Backlink tools
  • Website management and tracking tools
  • Proxy and meta tag tools and many more
Free Keyword Tools
Free Backlink Tools

I am going to use it to check the plagiarism after I complete this blog.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the familiar tool among digital marketers. It is one of the best tool to get your SEO campaign up and running.

We know we can inspect which URLs are indexed by google, check mobile usability and sitemaps, but it can do much more than that.

It shows exactly what Google sees in your website unlike other tools that rely on third party applications.

Using Google search console you can quickly find the following:

  • Which all pages are indexed on your site
  • Which keywords are driving traffic
  • From where are you getting links from
  • Top linked pages
  • Anchor text
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is one the best free URL crawler out there.

It allows users to export all the important on-page basics such as titles, meta tags, broken links, outbound/inbound links, headings, image basics such as Alt text and many more like;
-Slow loading pages
-Blocked pages
-Sitemap problems
-Technical SEO issues


TheHoth is where I go when I need to do SEO audit for my and client sites. It has awesome keyword analysis tools for free as well.


If you’re looking for a quick SEO audit, it is the best one I can recommend. And it also suggests what you need to improve on your website.


Buzzsumo actually has paid plans, however what you can get with free account is awesome as well. It is well known content explorer that gives thousands of idea what content is working and getting most shared in social media. It is also great platform to search for micro-influencers in your niche.

It’s chrome extension allows you to view the social share count of any blog posts.

buzzsumo analysis

I would recommend this because even with it’s limited plans you can discover thousands of trending topics around the world.

Mobile Friendly Test

If you have a website, you probably want to learn about mobile first indexing. Unless your site is mobile friendly you are not going to get top rankings, in fact not even a ranking.

This free tool allows you to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not. If not it also shows what issues are there in your website that is causing it to be non mobile friendly.

Yoast Plugin

If you use wordpress site you probably have experience working with it. It’s the best SEO plugin for wordpress, lets just accept that πŸ™‚


You can preview the google snippet before your content is published. You see all those red and green circles there? Those are exactly what you need while writing a blog, real time SEO analysis. I hope you guys get all greens while I am still working on it.

Woorank Chrome Extension

This extension is what you need if you want to do live site analysis. You just have to install the chrome extension and get almost every SEO information you need in one glance.


First, you get an overall SEO score.Then, the tool shows you EXACTLY how to improve your site’s on-page and off-page SEO.

These are some of the free SEO tools I have used so far that are useful and productive for any SEO campaign.

However there are hundreds of other free tools out there which work as good as some of paid tools.

Here are the links from where I get these information and might be helpful for you guys as well πŸ™‚

Guys let me know what are the tools you are using for your SEO campaigns in the comments πŸ™‚

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